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New Patient Exam

Your first visit to our office is designed to introduce you to our team and office.


Your first appointment at our office is called a New Patient Exam (NPE).  It is completed by one of our dentists and their accompanying assistant. This is a very complete and comprehensive oral examination that takes about a hour to complete and includes:

  • odontogram (tooth charting) documentation

  • periodontal (gum) probing/measuring

  • soft tissue exam

  • oral cancer screening

  • extraoral examination including lymph node palpation

  • occlusal bite analysis

  • xrays (Bitewings, Periapicals, Panoramic)

Following collection of all this information your unique treatment plan will be presented and discussed with an opportunity to ask questions.


For your appointment to go as smooth as possible, we ask that you print and fill out the Personal Information and Medical History Forms below and bring them with you.  We also would like to attain your most recent dental radiographs before your new patient exam.  We ask that you print and fill out the Xray Release Form below and either fax or email it to our office. 

Please arrive for your first appointment at our office 10 minutes early. This gives you enough time to fill out your medical history forms. Thank you for your confidence in our office, we look forward to assisting you with all your dental needs.

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